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Geoff Eigenmann Selfie Scandal (Photos and Sex video)

Controversial alleged scandal photo of Geoff Eigenmann circulates online.

A naughty photo allegedly showing the body and private parts of Geoff Eigenmann is currently making waves on the internet. The scandalous picture of the actor made others to believe that Eigenmann has a sex video scandal.

A certain blogger uploaded an image showing a man whose features are close to that of Geoff Eigenmann. After we do a search on internet and social networking sites, it appears that the photo was originally posted by Fashion Pulis with a headline "Scandal Photo: Go Extra". This title immediately caused others to speculate that the man is [G]eoff [E]igenmann.

Geoff Eigenmann Selfie Scandal (Photos and Sex video)
This is the alleged selfie photo of Geoff Eigenmann.

Many of the commenters who posted in the famous blog site claim that it's really the body of Geoff Eigenmann. They continue to give clues while others opted to stop indulging in the long thread of conversation.

Do you believe that the viral photo is a legitimate artifact to prove that the man behind that masculine body is Eigenmann? Is there any sex scandal video expected in the next few days? 

As of writing, the alleged controversy didn't prompt the camp of Eigenmann to issue any statement. We will continue to monitor this issue as it can lead to character assassination, which is already a crime as defined in Philippine law.

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