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Message of Arrogant Condominium Owner to Online Bashers - 'You Don't Own a Condo!'

The man identified by netizens as Louie Baltazar has a message to his online bashers. He challenged his haters to stay first in a condo unit before judging his actions.

Over the the weekend, one man named by netizens as Louie Baltazar became the main topic on social media due to a video clip that shows his arrogance to a young boy. As expected, the teenager received sympathy from thousands of Filipino while Louie, on the other hand, became the target of harsh commenters on Facebook.

The enormous negative feedback directed to Baltazar prompted him to issue a statement on social media using his personal account. He tried to clarify the allegations against him and he also elaborated the reason why he violently reacted and became rude to the boy.

In a series of posts on Facebook, Louie Baltazar firmly stressed that he has all the rights to confront the kid, who was filming the condo premise since he is a legitimate homeowner at the Gateway Garden Heights in Mandaluyong city. He reiterated that camcording any part of the building unit is strictly prohibited because it is a potential risk to security and safety of the residents. 

Message of Arrogant Condominium Owner to Online Bashers - 'You Don't Own a Condo!'
According to the netizens, this man is Louie Baltazar. He allegedly owns a condo unit at Gateway Garden Heights in Mandaluyong city.

Baltazar made a clear message to his bashers online and emphasized to them that they can only relate to him if they themselves are condo unit owners. In an implicit manner, Louie tried to defend himself against those people describing him as an arrogant condo owner.

Here's the screenshot of his Facebook post.


Here's the most recent message of Louie Baltazar to haters and bashers online.


We attached the viral video just in case that you haven't watched it yet and for you to assess as well if Louie Baltazar did the right approach in dealing the situation.

PLEASE SHARE ! BURAHIN NATIN SA MUNDO LAHAT NG MGA GAGUNG MAYAMAN AT MAYABANG DITO SA PINAS ! Nangyari po ito kahapon kasalukuyan ng bonding namin ng mom ko bago po sya lumipad sa ibang bansa pra mgtrabaho... hindi naman po porke mahirap kami asal mahirap kami, marunong po kami lumugar :( Sa may Gateway Heights Regency po itong insidente... sa may playground area.. friend po ng mom ko yung myari ng condo unit at ngstay po. kme dun for 2 days and 1 night... Siya daw ang may-ari ng buong condo building... Gagawin niya lahat ng gusto niya sa buong building... Mahirap lang daw kami, walang pinag-aralan, Putang-ina daw namin.... Wala daw kaming pinag-aralan... well check this.... WE GOT YOU ON OUR VIDEO CAMERA... You even tried to follow us hangang sa elevator ? pero the next time we meet I hope may maganda kang alibi...I wish u all the best asshole... SO KUNG SINU KA MAN.... mr. Louie Baltazar ! KITANG KITA MUKA MO NAKA HD PA TO SO GOOD LUCK NALANG SAYO !!! hindi kami titigil hangat hnd namin nakukuha ung tamang aksyon para sayo.. para matapos narin ung mga complains ng residents sayo XD HINDI AKO SIKAT NA BLOGGER AT YOUTUBER.... PERO NAGKAMALI KA NG BINANGA MO.... LASTLY HOME OWNER KA LANG RIN GAGO, at NAHAGIP KA NG DIGICAM KO ! nasa amin ang evidence... ADVICE KO MAGBAGO KANA.. #BEASTMODE :D

Posted by Mayuki Shichi on Monday, August 1, 2016

Now that you have seen the violent apprehension of Louie Baltazar including his message to thousands of online bashers, do you believe that everything he did were appropriate? If you were in the boy's position, what are the steps that you could have done to reconcile with the aggressor?

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