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Netizens Searches Pagadian Scandal Video on Facebook

Filipinos from all ages eagerly search online for copies of Pagadian scandal video. The said video clip has caught the attention of netizens when an 8-second teaser was shared on Facebook.

Netizens who are curious about the viral Pagadian scandal video turned to Facebook hoping that they can watch the clip that shows four people enjoying a carnal sin. The scandalous content allegedly involved native individuals from Pagadian city.

In it, a pair of male and female is seen enjoying sex while two gays are focused on recording the best shot using their phone cameras.

Filipino netizens were initially debating if the short video involves foreign individuals. However, upon closely listening the conversation of the victims, one can confirm that the clip is indeed the Pagadian scandal.

Netizens Searches Pagadian Scandal Video on Facebook

Thousands of search queries on Facebook related to the hashtag #PagadianScandal were recorded after the blogging community published articles citing the authenticity of the clips.

Request of the victims involved in the sex scandal video

Stop sharing the PagadianScandal video! This is the humble request of the people who were tagged as primary suspects and victims of the humiliation and bullying on Facebook.

In a separate blog report, the woman in the video also allegedly issued a public apology for their immoral deeds.

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