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Pretty Tuli Nurse from Davao Receives Praises on Social Media

Krestle Lailene Deomampo: Pretty health worker from Davao dubbed as "Tuli Nurse" is making waves on social media after she uploaded a photo of her latest free circumcision mission.

A certain pretty nurse from Davao earned praises after she posted a photo showing her charity efforts in circumcising over 28 kids last week. The healthcare worker dubbed as "Tuli Nurse" further drawn the attention of the netizens when she posted sexy photos on her own social media account.

The "Tuli nurse" has been identified as Krestle Lailene Deomampo who participated the annual free circumcision in Davao City. In the medical event last week, which was called "Operation: Tuli", was held at San Pedro National High School. She initially caught the attention of the netizens when she jokingly said, ready to "shoot 28 more birds, also the caption of a photo where she was seen with a kid being circumcised from the background.

Pretty Tuli Nurse from Davao Receives Praises on Social Media
Famous "Tuli Nurse" from Davao City earns thousands of male admirers on social media.

It's not yet known if Krestle Deomampo has joined other medical missions but it appears in the photo that the "Tuli Nurse" is extremely satisfied with her role and participation in assisting the doctors in circumcising several children in Davao city.

The famous "Tuli Nurse" previously worked in Ricardo Limso Medical Center at Illustre street, Davao city. The charming Krestle Lailene Deomampo, who captivated thousands of men on social media, is reportedly a part-time amateur model as well.


Courtesy of Krestle's Facebook account.

Lailene's Facebook account could no longer accommodate additional friend requests since her online friends has reached the limit of 5000. However, you can still continue to view her timeline and status updates by following her Facebook profile. As of writing, her followers ballooned to over 12,000 local and international fans.


Look at Krestle! She is obviously so gorgeous and charming. Whoever her boyfriend, that guy is absolutely lucky. She is so adorable!

By the way, to all men out there who are not yet circumcised, are you willing and man enough to let this pretty nurse cut your skin? Will you have the guts and courage to face the Tuli Nurse from Davao?

Tuli is a local term for male circumcision, a long time practice being done to young male children. The process involves the surgical removal of the foreskin (prepuce) of the male genital. There have been rumors that until now there are men who failed to undergo circumcision.

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