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#RapBeh Scandal Videos Circulate Like Wildfire on Facebook, Girl Commits Suicide

It has come to our attention that RapBeh scandal video has taken social media by storm. The girl and boy in that said footage are allegedly in deep trouble after the scandalous clip has been shared online without their consent.

RapBeh scandal video is among the topmost searched query on social media after a certain group released the copy on Facebook. The victim allegedly committed suicide after learning the incident.

Two other viral sex videos called Pagadian scandal and SMC scandal are circulating on Facebook but here comes another scandal video featuring a beautiful babe with braces and a her young boyfriend having an explicit sexual encounter while her alleged schoolmates were comfortably taking photos and recording the footage with their knowledge.

The girl in the said clip has been identified by several bloggers as Claire Marielle Miralo, a student from an undisclosed school.

#RapBeh Scandal Videos Circulate Like Wildfire on Facebook, Girl Commits Suicide

There are two versions of the said scandal which are named part 1 and part 2. The shorter version of the controvesial RapBeh video has been allegedly leaked online without the victims knowledge. In it, the friends of the young couple are seen filming them while doing the thing.

Part 2 of RapBeh scandal video is way longer than the first one. It appeared that both of the teenagers are inside a certain motel since such particular word is seen in a particular timeline of the video.

The shameful act has been immediately condemned by netizens who also urge to stop sharing the video on social media. However, there are more people who are keen to the circulation of the content on the internet.

RapBeh scandal videos are spreading on Facebook like a wildfire. From Facebook groups, to pages, and even individual timelines of the netizens are flooded with the hashtags of the scandal.

A certain website reported that the girl in the video committed suicide due to the humiliation and large crowd of bashers on the internet. Several screenshots of the said announcement are shared online.

The unofficial statement was communicated by a woman named "Olma Maika" (others claimed it was "Tita Pearl") and was posted using the newly created account of Claire Marielle Miralo.


In response to the said post, a close relative refuted the claim and mentioned that Claire is in Pampanga who works for a certain company.


The uncle of the victim is also planning to press charges against the people who uploaded the source videos on the internet.

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