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Viral: Ateneo Engineering Student Message to Future ex-Girlfriend

This viral post will make you fall in love again. Read the story of the student who exposed his endless love to his "future ex-girlfriend".

An Engineering and Architecture student of Ateneo De Davao posted a message on Facebook regarding his "future ex-girlfriend". The unidentified man listed seven(7) important reasons why he finally made his decision on their 4-year relationship.

A student of AdDU exposed the story of his "future ex-girlfriend" via Confessions Facebook Fanpage of the University on October 23, 2015. The hashtags "#KindaCorny #Love #FutureExGirlfriend" were so intriguing which captured netizens' attention from all age brackets. The unidentified student, however, requested everyone to show respect on his post.

Viral: Ateneo Engineering Student Message to Future ex-Girlfriend
The viral marriage proposal on Facebook by an AdDU Engineering student.

Some of the readers immediately made hasty conclusions after reading the first part of the post (reasons 1 to 3). Majority, on the other hand, clearly understood the content of the viral post after completely reading the entire message. The detailed explanation of the Engineering student made thousands of Filipino netizens to admire the effort of the man.

Read the message of AdDu Engineering student who confessed his immeasurable love to a certain woman with initials SLDS.


Yes, you read that right. This post has the hashtag ""Future Ex Girlfriend"". Why? Simple. My recent girlfriend is about to become my Ex Girlfriend. I have 7 reasons why. Please respect my post.
Reason 1: She's so demanding. From what she wants to buy to what she wants to eat. From where she wants to go and when she wants to do stuff. I can't have a say on things. It's choking me!
Reason 2: She's so maldita. She had a fight with my girl classmate before, she's sort of a snob and she has this ""resting bitch face"". It almost seems like she's too unapproachable.
Reason 3: I'm so tired of calling you my girlfriend. Parang sawa na akong tawagin kang ""babe"" or ""my girl"". I'm sorry for this...
Before I continue, I'd like to say that with all these being said, I have something better to say. Get ready for reasons 4, 5,6 and 7.
Reason 4: In connection to reason 1, yes, you're so demanding. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the fact that you're a very stable person. I love the fact that you know what you want and hindi ka maatik. I love the fact that you stand your ground. I love you.
Reason 5: In connection to reason 2, yes, you're sooo maldita. But, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the fact that you fight for what you want. I love the fact that you're protective. I love the fact that you're face looks maldita. You look so sexy. I love the fact that you get jealous. I love you.
Reason 6: In connection to reason 3, yes, I'm tired of calling you my girlfriend. I love you, yes I do. And I'm saying all of this because I feel like you deserve more. You deserve more than just being my girlfriend. You deserve way more, babe. I love you.
With all this being said, I may have hurt you with this post (but how could I, you don't even know if this is me writing this about you.) I'm sorry babe. But there's one last reason...
Reason 7: We've been dating for 4 years and 7 months now. I guess it's time. It's time for me to give you my last name. It's time for me to be part of your world and you be part of mine. It's time for me to wake up to you every single day, reminding you of my love. I love you, babe. I couldn't ask for any more. SLDS, will you accept my last name? Will you accept everything that I put in front of you? Will you accept being my ex girlfriend? Will you do the honors of being my wife, instead?
I'm sorry for proposing this way, babe. I just felt the need to show people how amazing you are. I love you so much. I can't wait to spend forever with you.
PS. 2 weeks after this confession will be posted, I will propose to her. I'll post another one after. Thanks fore bearing with me. smile emoticon"

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There are no updates yet regarding this marriage proposal. On social media, people are continuously asking if the "future ex-girlfriend" of the AdDU Engineering student accepted the offer of the student.

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