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Woman Caught on Video Beating Her Own Mother in Cavite

Disrespectful woman caught on video hitting her mother against the wall and repeatedly slapping her face and other body parts. The woman appears like she wants to kill her parent.

A viral video showing a woman beating her own mother in a certain subdivision in Cavite province has gone viral on social media. The unidentified Filipina, whose age is ranging from 25-30 years old, was allegedly caught on video by a concerned neigbor. The uploader of the video clip warns the netizens of the graphic content.

A video with a caption, "pagmamalupit ng anak sa sariling ina" shows a defenseless mother being repeatedly attacked by her own daughter at their house in Belvedere Subdivision, Tanza, Cavite. From a post on Facebook, the physical abuse allegedly became frequent in the last few days. There are no other details nor description as to why the woman keeps on repeating the acts of maltreatment to her very own mother.

Woman Caught on Video Beating Her Own Mother in Cavite
Screenshot from the video shared by Kupal Lord.

In the video, the suspect is seen wearing a blindfold but others believed that the woman is just using it to cover her nose to avoid smelling the foul odor in her mother's dirty room. At the beginning of the video, you can clearly hear the disrespectful words of the daughter towards her mom and you will notice that she even dragged and pushed her mom against the wall. The victim is heard screaming each time her hits her on the head.

In our assessment, it's highly possible that the older woman could have already sustained too many head injuries because of the maltreatment. 

A certain commenter mentioned that this inhuman treatment of the woman to her parent has not been reported to the authorities yet. The local officers of the Department of Social Welfare and Development in Cavite are allegedly not aware of this situation as well since nobody cares to raise the issue.

This woman caught on video beating her own mother by all means should be reported to the Cavite police. We challenge the owner of this video to bring the case to the authorities immediately. The videographer should be responsible in raising this incident to the local government since uploading the clip on Facebook won't solve the issue especially if there are missing information such as the exact location of the house of the suspect.

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