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Wonders of Facebook Year In Review 2016 Videos

Did you ever wonder what is Facebook year in review is all about? Did you notice the glamorous video being shared by your friends containing their sweetest memories in 2016?

Cool emoticons, pinned posts, and bold shoutouts are just some of the greatest and remarkable features of Facebook. The most recent video feature, however, is so amazing that netizens turned crazy in using the function.

Each year, Mark Zuckerberg has a surprise to all users on Facebook. As we are about to transition to another year, the CEO and Founder of the largest social networking site in the world announced the release of your year in review feature that allows you to instantly create a nice video.

Sharing inspirational messages, motivational notes, and love quotes are some of the widely used wall status updates of internet users from all over the world. If you are so active in posting on social media, you can potentially have 365 posts in a year but it can go over 1000 posts. That's a huge count that it won't be easy to recall those stuff. That's why Facebook came up with an idea to automically grab some of those memorable and exciting notes and photos that you've posted on Facebook.

Wonders of Facebook Year In Review 2016 Videos

If you are wondering how Facebook year in review works, please proceed reading the next few paragraphs so you will have an idea including how to create a video on your own with minimal steps to follow.

Facebook uses an artificial intelligence mechanism to identify which among your posts will be included in the suggested year in review video of yourself. Again, it only covers anything that has been posted in 2016.

Though there's an intelligent machine helping you to generate the recommended year in review video, each users are still given the option to modify the content before sharing it.

Do you find the year in review feature amazing? 

If you do, then start building your own video by following the instructions below.

First, you need to visit the official year in review app homepage which is found here. Then click the "request video" button in order for you to get to the next page. Take note, after you click the button, a message will prompt you to wait for a couple of minutes. The exact message in the window would look like this.

[Your name], we wanted to give you a chance to look back at your year.
It should only be a few minutes now! We'll send you a notification when your video is ready.

You might be wondering on how long is the wait as there's no specific time shown in the message box. From our own personal experience, it will not take more than 5 minutes.

Once you received the notification alert, you will be directed to a page which has two options (1)Edit Video and (2)Share Video. 

As mentioned earlier, by default, there's a pre-built year in review video with contents that can still be altered by clicking "Edit video".

With these simple steps, you will be able to design and create your year in review video for 2016.

We encourage everyone to share good memories and significant achievements or experiences that you have so the video will promote positive atmosphere on social media. Let's take advantage of this cool Facebook feature so we can influence others to spread love and humility.

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